• Do I need to wear a MTB Jersey?

    Do I need to wear a MTB Jersey?

If you head to the trails, you'll see a mix of T-Shirts, hyper bright gear, full baggy jerseys and more modern fit jerseys (like ours).

Do you need a jersey? Of course not, many have ridden in shirts for years, but most people will upgrade to a jersey once they ride more.

The main reason, T-Shirts get sweaty, get heavy and get uncomfortable. If you've done a long ride in a T-shirt, you know how heavy it can get.


What to look for, how should it fit?

Race Jersey
A more modern 'race' fit

At the top of the sport, you will see world cup riders and EWS competitors wearing very tight kit (skin tight these days). For most people, when smashing down a hill, its just more comfortable not to have things flapping in the wind.

For your weekend rider, most people prefer a cut to be a little tighter in chest and shoulders, and a little loser on the waist. Our staff also prefer a little tighter on the sleeves, to stop flapping and it getting caught up.

MTB Jersey
A more classic MTB fit


What are the advantages?

There are two huge advantages, and many minor

1. Jerseys are made to be moisture wicking - so it doesn't feel like you are riding around in a wet towel

2. In the unfortunate chance of a crash, the are made to decrease (not eliminate) the chance of skin abrasion

One of the key reasons we expanded into MTB jerseys was to ban ourselves from riding in roady kit or shirts, due to a few falls that left shoulders scratched and elbows grazed. If we are riding somewhere rocky and a little more technical, we will always ride in long sleeve jerseys - nobody likes two weeks of elbow cuts healing.

The smaller advantages are:

  • way lighter (our jerseys are generally less than 150g)
  • Stretchy in the right places - way more comfortable
  • Flat lock stitching on seams - means a small tumble wont end the jersey
  • On many of our jerseys, concealed zipper pocket on back panel- perfect for valuables.

We hope that helps you understand if you need to upgrade or not! There is a sizing tool on our site if you want to understand fit.

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